T-shirt: 'Serpents Rise' Heavy Metal Gray

T-shirt: 'Serpents Rise' Heavy Metal Gray

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  • Super soft, fine jersey, 100% combed ring-spun cotton. Made in USA.
  • Premium, fitted crew neck T-shirt
  • Large 21 in., 1-color front print
  • Features soft, water based ink and discharge printing
  • Supreme quality shirt, with soft ink feel that gets even better with age!
  • Printed size tag
  • Sewn in hem-tag
  • Limited edition release
  • Masterfully printed by the team at Real Thread.
  • Ethically & responsibly made garment.

      About The Design

      "The serpent represents the Kundalini energy that an energy that is inherent in all of us. It represents our infinite potential of being. She is the feminine creative energy also known as Shakti. This energy lies dormant at the base of the spine, until it is awakened. Kundalini is coiled like a snake 3.5 times, the half representing infinity no ending and movement towards greater and greater expansion, reminding us that this energy represents our own infinite nature. Once kundalini is awakened she rises upward along the spine, making her way through each chakra, clearing any blocked energy and revealing our greatest truths, balancing until she eventually reaches the crown. 

      Kundalini energy is the mother energy she is like a sweet dance of ecstacy, rising like the cobra, she is the vessel from which the goddess awakens. She allows us to experience greater states of bliss. Through the practice of meditation, kriya and breath we are able to awaken kundalini and integrate it into our daily lives so we can live  to the fullest potential." -Annemarie brown

      Sanskrit Translation:
      Satchitananda सच्चिदानन्द
      SAT - Absolute, Non-changing Truth
      CHIT - Consciousness
      ANANDA - Bliss