T-shirt: 'Indra'
T-shirt: 'Indra'

T-shirt: 'Indra'

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  • Super soft, Fine Jersey, 100% Combed Ring-Spun Cotton. Made in USA.
  • 2-color back • 1-color front
  • Water-based inks, metallic gold and discharge silkscreen print
  • Soft ink feel that gets even better with age!
  • Printed size tag
  • Sewn in hem-tag
  • Limited edition of 90
  • Masterfully printed by the team at Real Thread.
  • Size Guide.
  • Ethically & responsibly made garment.

Emptiness - Śūnyatā - शून्यता

Indra is known in the Rig Veda as a guardian deity and the king of the gods. He is celebrated for his victory in conquering the king of the demons known as Vritra, who is responsible for obstructing humanity from it's natural state of bliss and prosperity. When the deceptive forces of Vritra are destroyed by Lord Indra, rain and sunshine become the allies of man once again.

In this image, Indra is shown holding the sacred Soma flower, who's juice was extracted and fermented to create a hallucinogenic elixir that is said to have uplifting, healing qualities. And when consumed by humans, the elixir was known for it's power to bring us closer to divinity.

T-shirt: 'Indra'
T-shirt: 'Indra'